3rd Annual Conference on Ultrasound in Anatomy & Physiology Education Archive

by on March 17, 2015


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3rd Annual Conference on Ultrasound in
Anatomy and Physiology Education









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3rd Annual Conference on Ultrasound in Anatomy & Physiology Education :

3rd A&P Conference Archive

Or select a specific file/presentation below:

Conference Pre-Reading Materials
The integration ladder – a tool for curriculum planning and evaluation.pdf
Quick Guide to Goals, Learning Objective and Bloom’s Taxonomy.pdf
Sample Outcome of Conference Workshops.pdf

Final Group Presentations
OBGYN group.pptx
PD1 Physical Diagnosis.pptx
Physical Diagnosis Group2.pptx
MSK 1 Ultrasound Presentation.pptx
MSK 2 Ultrasound Presentation.pptx
Shock Trauma Presentation.pptx

Echocardiography Supplemental Materials
Echocardiography Group.docx
Nuts and Bolts Echo group.docx
Revised Goal.docx

PD2 Supplemental Materials
Curriculum outline for ultrasound session on vessels & CVP (2).docx
Physical Diagnosis Group.docx

Introductory & Plenary Presentations
Intro slides.pdf
Pellerito- Ultrasound integrator.pdf
Metzger- Curricular Design.pdf
Goodmurphy Faculty.pdf
Rennie- Assessment.pdf
A&P Hofstra Hoppmann March 2015.pdf

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