Why Ultrasound?



Why ultrasound?
Why Ultrasound?

  • Ultrasound is a great modality for teaching.
  • There are no adverse bio-effects with ultrasound.
  • Because of its clinical value, ultrasound is the #1 imaging modality in the world.
  • Ultrasonography as a skill has direct applicability in many clinical specialties.


Why now?

There has been a revolution in ultrasound and digital technology in recent years that has resulted in ultrasound machines that are:

  • Smaller
  • Cheaper
  • Smarter


Clinical Value of Ultrasonography

  • Clinical Utility:
    • Important for the diagnosis and management of five of the top ten causes of death in low and middle income countries as reported by the WHO: coronary heart disease, stroke, perinatal conditions, hypertensive heart disease, and road traffic accidents.
    • Confirmation of many physical diagnoses at point of care.
    • Early detection for problems such as AAA and LVH.
    • Timeliness of Clinical information : immediate results, readily integrated into physical exam
    • Cost Effective: improves the quality of care and patient outcomes, enhances patient safety, and lowers incidence of ICU care
    • Diversity of Users:  learned by a variety of healthcare providers
    • Transmission of digital images: for consultation and training
    • Portability : small, mobile units bring technology to the bedside